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Member Profile: Miikka Luotio.

Miikka Luotio | Finland | Fuji X100S


myfujix: Where are you from, and where do you currently live?

ML: After a hectic 3 years living abroad in Germany, Ireland & Canada I’ve recently returned to my home country Finland.

myfujix: Tell us a bit about yourself.

ML: I’ve done photography as a hobby over 15 years now, last 2-3 years started to take it more seriously as a secondary income from sites like 500px Prime, Getty Images & etc. I feed my family of 3 by working as a Producer developing mobile games for iOS. I’ve been developing video games for almost 8 years now. Just recently I’ve invested in Fuji gear such as the X100S with a goal in my mind to possibly do at least a bit of commercial and editorial work - but I don’t see myself becoming a full time photographer anytime soon. Not yet.

myfujix: Why are you into photography?

ML: I love photography because for me it’s an unedited-unfiltered-uncurated way of expressing myself creatively. Developing games, there’s always business considerations this acts as a filter for ideas. But when I’m photographing it’s just me and the camera - I love the freedom of not having to care what others think.

myfujix: Who is your favourite photographer, and why?

ML: My favourite photographer is perhaps an odd one. Stanley Kubrick, before he became a film director he shot still photography. I really like his early work, also whenever I watch a Kubrick movie almost any frame in the movie could be a great still photograph in it’s own right.

Example of Kubrick’s photography.

myfujix: What X-Series camera do you use, and why?

ML: I use the Fuji X100S as my primary camera right now. One thing I learned in developing and creating video games is that restrictions often force you to think outside of the box. Creative sandbox can actually help you come up with concepts and ideas - for me the fixed focal length of X100S was and is the perfect creative sandbox for me. 35mm equiv. lens is not my primary choice, I usually get my best shots at 40-50mm equiv. but simply because of the challenges it imposes in composition I wanted to feel like I need to learn and master contextual composition. Also 35mm is wide enough for landscape but does not distort people’s features in portraits and street shots.

myfujix: Tell us a little bit about this photograph:

ML: It illustrates what the X100S can do, lack of AA filter produces crisp near full frame IQ while AF is fast enough to enable me to capture a split second moment where a man stood up to gaze his wristwatch while I was going down on an escalator to the opposite direction - this shot was also taken in low-light and the DoF just makes the images pop.

You can find Miikka’s work at his website, Twitter, Flickr, 500px, & Tumblr.

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Member Profile: Rafael García Márquez.


Rafael García Márquez | Spain | Fuji X-Pro1


myfujix: Where are you from, and where do you currently live?

RGM: I’m from Spain. I was born in Zamora, a small city in the region of Castile and Leon, North-West Spain. I moved to Valladolid when I was 5, and much later I moved to Madrid. It’s been 17 years now, since I started making a living in this city that I love.

myfujix: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

RGM: I’m a 43 year old engineer working as an IT manager for a telecom company. It’s a great job where a lot of creativity and solution focused perspective is needed.

I love classical music and choral singing. Been singing in different choirs since my 20’s. When I met a friend, Wouter Brandsma, he defined me as a traveller photographer. I don’t know, but I know for sure that I love making trips, meeting new people and places. It’s refreshing and teaches you a lot.

Since I was just a child I felt attracted by Fine Arts (painting and sculpture especially). My interest in photography was a natural move after all these years. I mean the move from being merely a spectator to build and create something on my own. Now, photography is part of my life and has become a passion.

I’m interest in urban photography, in how light and those of us who live in it transform space and make it unique for an instant. I aim to be there to capture those vanishing moments.

I’m interested in documentary photography. When I have some work commissioned that’s my approach, but I wouldn’t dare saying I’m into that kind of style. Just hope to be able to work more and more on it.

myfujix: Why are you into photography?

RGM: The time I get my camera and I hit the street or work in a session, nothing else matters. Time stops and it’s just me and whatever happens before me (the latter is the most interesting part). That’s why I love of this. Even when working in a custom photo work, that relaxed feeling is still there. For me, photography is a way of telling stories, of sharing experiences. I don’t believe it would be exciting for me if it were only from myself and for myself. I enjoy the social side of it. There’s a great community to share with and to learn from out there, but photography is about reaching further, isn’t it?

myfujix: Who is your favourite photography, and why?

RGM: Tough question - I must confess I’m not educated on old or contemporary photography. It’s only in the last two years that I have begun reading about photography, watching documentaries and visiting exhibitions.

It had to happen because he is a Ricoh compact photographer. One of my favourites, and the very first I came to know, was Daido Moriyama. I find his high contrast gritty vision most fascinating. I don’t believe in beauty (at least as something to aim for). 

"Gods are gone. I don’t see the light. There may be light in Science and Knowledge, but not in Art where no solutions are given" - Antonio López, painter (b. 1936).

I pretty much believe in what Antonio López says, and see that hopeless use of photography in Moriyama. I admire him, but I can’t say I’m influenced by his vision.

myfujix: What X-Series camera do you use, and why?

RGM: I’m X-Pro1 user since May 2012. I had never owned a DSLR or SLR camera before. It was my first “serious” camera. My previous experience was just working with compact cameras. Still shoot with my beloved Ricoh GX200. When I made my decision it was not clear X-Pro1 would be a great performer but I’m more than happy with it. Successive firmware upgrades have made it better and better. The access to good value for money prime lenses, reuse old legacy glasses I gathered, configure basic parameters with camera off … all these help me decide. My X-Pro1 and starting just with one lens (XF35mm after shooting before most of the time in 28mm) have helped me to grow, a lot. I added to my bag later XF14mm, XF60mm and XF55-200mm. Tested X-E2 and X-T1 but if I were to add another X-Series camera to my bag it would probably be the X100/X100S.

myfujix: Tell us a little bit about the photo you chose for this profile:


RGM: This is one of the last I shot in a recent trip to Amsterdam. I really like it for many reasons. It’s straight OOC and that makes it even more authentic and special for me. Amsterdam, in the 9 Straatjes district (the nine streets). Used to live around some time ago. I liked the quality of light in the street and saw the wheels of the bike following the brick lane, In a rush I raised camera to my eye, prepared it and shot. Looking at the scene unfolding before me, I felt like being again back home with a bag of groceries chatting without anything to worry about. That’s what I like of shooting in the streets: the uniqueness of those ordinary moments that you can make last.

You can find Rafael’s work at his website, Twitter, Google+, Flickr & Instagram.